Security you can trust

AMT is offering innovative solutions that are highly valued by users, flexible and competitive, and allow for the integration and centralization of all types of infrastructure security, by using smart video networks based on CCTV fused with 3D.


Deployment of CCTV solutions

We prepare the deployment of CCTV using analog technology and mainly IP, according to the client’s management requirements. Specific applications are used for the real-time display of images captured by video cameras. It is possible to simultaneously view different cameras and digitally record all of the images.

Digital Surveillance

Data mining is used to extract digital image recordings. The image is referenced with regards to the points object of surveillance at the platform, station, etc., and allows for integration with other automatic surveillance systems.


Video Monitoring Surveillance Security System

We create smart networks using 3D and CCTV technologies, which provides Integration of hundreds of cameras to obtain a single, comprehensive view, 3D representation of the complete scene, Coordinated zoom and movement of several cameras, Combination of recorded and real-time images,Fast identification of the scene location during viewing and Easy to follow persons or objects



Please contact your AMT representative for additional informations for variety of CCTV solutions that suits your need.