Unified Communications

Behind every successful organization is a fast,
reliable, and secure network.

The Unified Communications are the Integration of all communication technology systems such as Messaging, IP Video, IP Telephony, E-mail, Voicemail, and Video Conferencing, all integrated using an IP Network system and a common management platform. With the UC solutions, there is no need for a separate voice network using a separate cabling infrastructure and transmission network. Now with the next generation UC network, you can save money and improve the service features to your users by combining transmission of telephone calls over a data network with other features like Video and Instant Messaging.

AMT’s UC solutions are also optimized for use on multiple devices. Advanced IP Phones handsets are available along with Soft Client applications running on your PC or mobile device such as Android or iPhone. Each of these can be configured with the same user profile information to allow many advanced services such as Single Number Reach where a call can ring on multiple devices and multiple numbers at the same time.

Unified Communication Solutions

The growing use of Wi-Fi and the proliferation of mobile tablet and smartphone clients cause control and visibility challenges for communication and collaboration applications such as Lync/Skype for Business. To overcome these challenges, AMT offers Unified Communications solutions to manage your enterprise communication ecosystem.

IP Communications

AMT IP Communications represents a new way of delivering UC functionality to enterprise customers. Instead of delivering a collection of disjointed products with individual release dates, testing methodology, and documentation, AMT UC is a coordinated release of an integrated set of products that are tested, documented, and supported as a system.



Please contact your AMT representative for additional information’s for variety of UC solutions that suits your need.