Behind every successful organization is a fast,
reliable, and secure network.

Security is a fundamental building block within any IT or telecommunications network. Based on Internet Protocol (IP), AMT ensures corporate and personal security safeguards are in place to protect confidentiality and availability;


Network Access Control

Network access control (NAC), also called network admission control, is a method that AMT uses to bolster the security of a proprietary network by restricting the availability of network resources to endpoint devices that comply with a defined security policy. This NAC tool is built to enforce adaptive policies for wireless, wired, or VPN accessed devices based on in-depth contextual analysis.

Authentication & Authorization

AMT uses behavior analytics, advanced device identification and malware detection capabilities to identify security risks before hackers log into sensitive Web applications. By doing so, enterprises can rest assured that their sensitive corporate information is accessed only by those who are authorized to use it.



Communication Encryption

AMT offers the complete solution for trusted mobile communications, With secure, encrypted voice and conference calls, secure messaging, and encrypted file transfers, all protected by strong, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.

Operating System Hardening

Hardening of the OS is the act of configuring an OS securely, updating it, creating rules and policies to help govern the system in a secure manner, and removing unnecessary applications and services. This service is offered by AMT to minimize a computer OS’s exposure to threats and to mitigate possible risk.


Firewall Security Zone Design

AMT configuration model offers intuitive policies for multiple-interface routers, increased granularity of firewall policy application, and a default deny-all policy that prohibits traffic between firewall security zones until an explicit policy is applied to allow desirable traffic.

Network Monitoring and Management

AMT offers a set of hardware and/or software tools that allow an IT professional to supervise the individual components of a network within a larger network management framework.




Please contact your AMT representative for additional information’s for variety of Network Security Solutions that suits your need.